Nate Duran

Nate Duran

Senior Project Manager

Nate provides our internal team with client project support, specifically related to content development and delivery and client engagement. Growing up in New York City shapes his perspective on our client work, having seen firsthand the disparities and inequities and always longing to be the person to speak up for those who were too afraid.

Nate received a BS in Business Management from SUNY New Paltz and prior to joining We-Collab, he worked in youth development where he created opportunities for underserved youth to engage with their community, challenge themselves both academically and socio-emotionally through workshops, programs, and mentoring. In his spare time, Nate is a filmmaker and enjoys creating short form documentary films for fun.


A few things that have shaped my perspective on life

What I'm currently reading

The Ikigai Journey

The next destination on my travel bucket list

The Northern Lights

The best way to end a long day

A nice warm shower, then watching TV on mute

The last show I binge watched


Three things I can't live without

My friends and family, my camera, and cool blue Gatorade

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