We create bold,
equity-based strategies.

In a world filled with complex problems, we bring an equity first approach
to our clients’ issues to help actualize their impact in communities.

About us

We believe equity belongs at the center of all strategy.

We-Collab is a strategy consulting firm that helps its partners and clients create tangible, transformative action-based solutions for communities facing inequities and disparities.

"We are all living in this American experiment. We know the stakes are high for this work. We can no longer talk about equity in allegory. What are the tools you have? What are assets in your organization that you can move?"

Niiobli Armah IV
Founder & Principal
About we-collab

We help uncover
the assets
that make
change possible.

Our services

We co-create real world strategies to help center communities in philanthropic and social good work.

Strategy & Implementation

Strategic plans to help organizations turn equity into actuality

Training & Retreats

In-depth team training and individual coaching to create space for learning and unlearning

Place Based Strategy

Targeted approaches and partnerships that advance impact in local communities

Digital Resources

Resources that translate complicated systems change work into digital friendly tools

Executive Advising

Leadership team support with developing and executing equity- based strategies

Culture & Practice

Guidelines for internal change processes that advance DEI and racial equity in your organization


Snapshots of some of our prior client engagements

Why we-collab

Why work with us?

We-Collab has been bringing racial equity and modern DEI strategies to life for nonprofits, philanthropies, and organizations since 2015.

how we're different

We are authentic.

Our lived experiences allow us to show up as our full, unique selves on every project.

We run towards what's

We go where the learning takes us, even if it takes us somewhere that is uncomfortable.

We understand that change takes time.

We do what we can based on what is possible while always looking for what may be emergent.

We are not afraid of the truth.

With humility and candor we help organizations get through the tough conversations.

Operationalizing Equity

is powerful because . . .

it creates a new
standard for
our collective future.

Our perspective

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are more than mere concepts.
We understand what is required to make an impact.
Modern DEI and racial equity work requires:


If we are intentional, the widening of mindsets, values, and systems can become a norm in any organization. Through intentionality, this can work to move out of allegory and not just be possible for you and your organization but necessary.


Our work is typically in service of changing systems and structures so that the groups who have been marginalized are prioritized. DEI and Racial Equity alone can’t change an organization, but if the members embrace the practices fully then the possibilities are infinite.


This work is a dual process of looking inward and outward; It calls for us to look within ourselves and our organizations so that we can do a better job looking outward to meet the needs of those we aim to serve.